Kingdom of Marlan

Strange Occurences

Heroes? Yeah.. I’ve known a few. There was a group of them that lived in town for a while. Well.. they weren’t heroes at the time, but that’s always how it goes, ain’t it?

Let’s see… there was Andrew the warrior. Son of some important noble in Talindor come down here to find himself adventure. Good kid, but he had a hell of a mean streak. Didn’t care for Elves much, that one.

Then there was Constance Claymore, the local boy. Grew up here in Drary son of a pair of river folk. Quiet and kept to himself, but knew how to handle a trident both in and out of a fight and fancied himself a handy rider as well.

Lomith Randel was the wizard, and Elf one no less. Not from the Silverleaf of course, a lot smarter than that lot. Braver than one would expect and handy with his spells. Had a wierd obsession with spiders I think.

Dortha was the only Dwarf of the group, and a worshipper of Sarenae if you can believe it. She left them hills of Koros and never looked back. Kept her little group alive in quite a few scraps.

Demens was the other priest, also an elf. Had a sharp mind and an active tongue. Liked to let it run on quite a bit with the townsfolk, but seemed a nice enough sort. Came from a mixed group of wanderers I think.

And lastly was Merisal, the quiet one, She was always lurking around in the back staying near Demens and not speaking to anyone but him. I could tell by looking at her she was carrying something dark inside, but it wasn’t my place to push.

So that was it, the Six that would become legend in Drary, some more important than others. Everything started with those disappearances. It was all small at first, a few trinkets, a spoon, some clothes. Gareth had Darak look into it of course, but he put it off to kids getting up to mischief. It wasn’t until Reetak got her scales rankled about a wand right before the Silverleaf elves were due to arrive that he sat up and took notice. It was lucky for him them kids were in town when they were, since him and Darak were so busy. He had already owed them a fair size of coin for an earlier job, so it wasn’t much to delay paying them a few days with the promise of close to double. Offering up Constance as a local guide and liaison was just an insurance to keep them honest.

They settled in at the Sparrow for the night enjoying the hospitality of Talianna and getting a bit more information from Gareth and Darak before turning in.

The next day they decided to pay a visit to Reetak Dampscale, the local Kobold and resident wizard. Not many visitors go calling to her, so I’m sure she appreciated it. Anyways, Constance led them there and announced their arrival. Reetak was gracious as Kobolds get, and invited them down for tea while she explained to them the dissappearance of her wand. She claimed someone came in at some point and took the wand from the lock box it was kept in, insider her library. They took a look at the box but didn’t find much in the way of clues, other than a bit of webbing.

From there they asked around town, looking for more information on Reetak, as well as the dissapearances. That of course brought them to Majit Tilsinara, the town gossip. Quite a mouth on that one. Anyways, Majit and the rest of the woman told them a bit about the dissapearances. Mostly minor objects, a ring here, a spoon there. Cooking utensils, and other trinkets, nothing too major. They took a look around Majit’s place as well, but didn’t find anything concrete. The few bits they did hear was that one of the “thefts” came with some puddles of water, and a tale from one of the local young-ins about a “scary eyed blue boy” being responsible. They got a sketch and went on about their business, though the like-ness provided from a 6 year old isn’t the most reliable lead.

They thought after checking in at The Drowned Rat, hearing that the less than savoury residents of town hang out there, but after some not so thinly veiled threats toward Garkim Harooq they decided to make their way back to The Wounded Sparrow. The stopped at the smithy on the way looking for Taris Lightheart, as they had some questions for him but he was already at the tavern. They spoke to Taris briefly over a light meal and called it a night.

The next morning they were awoken by a few of the town militia and brought to the Stables to meet with Gareth and Kelial Leafblade. Accompanyiang another dissapearance, a hound, not belonging to Kelial, was found slaughtered and eviscerated. Gareth was visibly shaken by the violence directed to the hound, and concerned about the implications of the impending visit by the Silverleaf Elves. Gareth offered to double the daily rates he was paying the heroes for investigating the thefts, going from 50 gold lions per day to 100, but the heroes were concerned they would be unable to find any satisfying conclusions. Gareth eventually accepted their defeat and invited them to attend an evening feast with the Silverleaf Elves as guests of honor.

The group spent much of the morning making preparations for the feast, cleaning and getting new clothes fitted. It was right before lunch that an ear piercing scream filled the streets. Charging towards it, the adventurers saw a half dozen panicked townsfolk fleeing the area and a lithe but powerful looking hound standing over the prone form of Mayor Gareth. Not wasting any time the heroes charged into battle, eventually slaying the creature after taking a few hits of their own. They helped Gareth up, who took no apparent wounds. Gareth was shaken by the event and asked them to speak to Darak, before fleeing to his sisters Tavern.



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