Sitheris Desert

The Sitheris Desert is a massive expanse of barren land, primarily covered in rocky outcroppings and fine, coarse sand. The Sitheris has a carefully balanced ecosystem of desert dwelling creatures, most of whom have adapted to the harsh life within. Though water is rare, it does occasionally rain within the desert, and further to that, there are several fresh water oasies to be found.

The Lizardfolk tribes can be found scattered throughout the desert, most of whom live as nomadic traders and scavengers, picking over the many abandoned (and often times not quite so abandoned) ruins within the desert and making mercantile “pilgrimages” to the lands both north and south of the desert. Any coin gathered in these pilgrimages is spent on potable water, dried foods and other survivalist gear, and then transported back to the desert homelands. It is often marveled by scholars that the Lizardfolk almost always return to their desert, despite the fact that many tribes could live wealthily in the communities in which they tade.

Savage ogre tribes constantly war with each other, as well as the lizardfolk tribes, competing for food, water and goods. The tribes rarely leave the desert, as when they do, the kingdoms they “invade” tend to respond quickly, and in force. There have been occasions where an more intelligent ogre will rise up as a warleader and organize several tribes to invade the lands neighbouring the desert, and those times usually result in long and bloody war before the ogres are finally repelled.

Brave explorers can find many ruins from a lost civilization that once lived in the land that existed before the desert, which is where the lizardfolk find most of their trade goods. Many ancient coins, art objects and even magical artifacts can be found in these ruins.

Sitheris Desert

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