Drary is the largest community found in the far south reaches of the Kingdom of Marlan. It is populated by approximately 1300 individuals, primarily human though some elves, half-elves, halflings, gnomes and half-orcs reside within it’s borders. As well, one lizardfolk makes permanent residence there, as well as one kobold.

The town is ruled by a mayor, elected for a five year term through a voting process open to all permanent residents of the town. The mayoral role includes settling disputes, overseeing local law, collecting and submitting annual taxes to the kingdom, as well as overseeing political concerns such as treaties and trade agreements with the local sentient population.

The current mayor is Gareth Greenleaf currently half-way through his second term. Gareth is well liked by the people, and is a consumate politician. He has the best interests of the community at heart and does his best to maintain a peaceful relationship with the Silverleaf Elves as well as the Dwarves from the Halls of Koros. The Dwarves, while reclusive, are happy to trade with the town, providing smelted ore and raw silver and gold for minted gold from the Kingdom, as well as other trade goods that they have limited access to. The Elves have a bit more antagonistic relationship with the town, and by extension the Kingdom itself, however they reocgnize the importance of keeping a relative peace. They engage in short logging treaties with the town in exchange for supplies that they have limited access to within their forest. (Metal, livestock, wheat, etc.) Gareth resides in the Mayoral Manor, a humble but well kept house within the heart of the town.

Farming is the primary industry in and around the town, with the many farms providing fresh crops and livestock for sale, as well as taxes in lieu of coin. Near the town is a large Grain mill and food storage facility overseen by Harin Giantcleaver, an uncharacteristacally successful dwarven farmer. Harin collects the crops from the farmers, paying them directly from a cache of coins that is supplied from the town treasury. Harin has a number of employees working at the mill, assisting in collecting, processing and distributing the food collected.

Small independent logging camps keep a steady supply of lumber fed to a small lumber mill located within a few miles of town, which is used for expansion of the town, as well as supplying the local shipyard. The mill is technically owned by the town, but Terias Bidorn, an elderly human, has overseen the running of the mill for years, and so it is affectionately referred to as the “Old Bidorn Mill”.

Built on a large freshwater river known as the Sapphire River which feeds down from the Mountains and continues on through to the Silverleaf Forest, many of the townsfolk make a simple living as fisherfolk, working on larger boats or saving up enough to buy their own smaller boats. The local shipwright is a retired dwarven sailor by the name of Regnus Saltreef. While a bit cantankerous, Regnus is a master of his craft and has no less than 6 apprentices working under him at all times, usually sons and daughters of the local fisherfolk looking to better their lives. Fishing rights are free to any resident of the town, though it is expected that a portion of the catch, or the financial compensation, are levied towards the town as a “river tax”.

Large industry aside, the town has a few smaller commercial ventures.

A stable is kept by Kelial Leafblade though she is very selective as to which animals she will allow within her building. She will allow no draft or livestock animals, but prefers to keep her stables closed to only riding and war horses. For anything more mundane, several farmers close to the town provide stabling services at a reasonable fee.

The town smith is owned and run by Taris Lightheart, though it is his “apprentice” Korvas Leem who does much of the actual work. Taris spends much of his time “looking over the books” or at the local tavern “finding new business”. In truth the blacksmith is fairly busy, and Korvas supplies most of the town with all of the iron and steel tools and accessories it needs. Some local farms keep a smaller smith upon their property, the town smith is the only reliable place to find weapons and armor.

The Town mercantile is owned and run by Ssuthura, the towns only lizardfolk resident, and a bit of a town mystery. Ssuthura arrived one day with a caravan of Lizardfolks from the south, which is a regular occurance for the townsfolk, only as the caravan departed he stayed, purchasing the mercantile from it’s aging proprietor for much higher than it’s value and setting up shop. Ssuthura is a devout and vocal worshipper of Sarenae, though he does not give the goddess name in his worship, but rather directly worshipping the affectation of the sun.

The local Leatherworker is a friendly and affable halfling by the name of Merric Appleseed. Merric has lived in the town for many years, and has even run for mayor in the last two elections, losing out to Gareth. Merric maintains close ties with the various ranches around Drary, but will also frequently visit the Silverleaf Elves to aquire rarer wildlife pelts. On occasion Merric has crafted items out of even more exotic hides, though he charges a premium for those services.

Several of the women in town provide seamstress services for those who are unable or unwilling to create their own clothes, chief among them Majit Tilsinara, an old gnomish woman who is an unrepentant gossip, but unrivaled in her skill.

The small town sustains Two taverns, providing food and drinks, as well as entertainment. Both taverns do have rooms available for rent, though they rarely see much in the way of visitors, as most visitors prefer to stay at the towns inn, or with friends or family in the town.

The Wounded Sparrow is the more popular of the two taverns, catering to a bit higher class of citizen and owned and run by Taliana Greyleaf, sister of the towns mayor. Taliana employs several bar maids, as well as keeping a few musicians in house to provide nightly entertainment. The Sparrow is a town favorite for the quality food and drinks, and excellent service.

The Drowned Rat is near the opposite of the Sparrow. Owned and run by a retired soldier by the name of , the Rat caters to the more rough and tumble citizens of the town. Many of the loggers and fisherman will attend the tavern, drawn by cheap and strong drinks, and spicy and more exotic foods.

The Travellers respite is the towns sole Inn, catering primarily to visiting merchants and emmisaries. Run by Delolith Amberspark a Half-elf emmigrant from the Silverleaf Forest the respite is almost exclusively staffed by Half-elves and elves. The service is impeccable, and every guest is treated like royalty when they visit.

Darak is the towns Guard Captain, Gaoler and sherrif, overseeing the protection of the town and upholding it’s laws. He lives within the towns barracks, which also house the towns cells for the rare but occasional violent offenders. He has several deputies that serve under him to enforce the towns laws, and also has several “sergeants” who help him train and organize a basic militia within the town.

Reetak Dampscale is the towns only kobold resident and serves as a bit of an advisor to Gareth, as she is a wizard of some skill. She also provides some apothoceary services to those who wish to patronize her, though she spends most of her time as a recluse.


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