Kingdom of Marlan

Introductory Adventure

Four seperate adventurers arrived at the small town of Drary, each with their own motivations. Some came to see the world, some came to seek glory and some came out of no other reason than wanderlust. Once they arrived at the town they each quickly set out to seek an opportunity for gold and glory, which was provided to them almost immediately. Through a brisk bit of rumor gathering they discovered, each individually, that a creature was on the loose killing wildlife. There was a fear growing in the communities around the town and the Mayor, Gareth Greyleaf knew he must do something to allay the fears.

Seizing on the opportunity had the four new comers brought to him and offered them a bounty of 1000 gp to share if they were willing to investigate the killings. He knew that the creature responsible for the attacks had been tracked back to a small subterranean cavern near the town but was reluctant to send his own men in to investigate.

The four travellers agreed and set out immediately, taking only a brief moment to introduce themselves. Once they arrived at the cave they briskly set out to forcibly remove the wild goblins that had established themselves within, knowing that the goblins were frequently attacking the communities and occasionally banding together to stage attacks on the town itself. Deeper within the caverns they delved until the came upon the beast responsible for the wildlife attacks, a young black dragon likely recently departed from its mothers dwelling. The adventurers fought a brave and fierce battle of blade and spell, but ultimately brought low the beast before it was able to flee.

Proud of their victory, the four set out to return to Drary to claim their bounty.



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