Kingdom of Marlan

Into the Depths

After dealing with the mysterious Hell Hound, the adventurers had more questions than answers. They decided to seek out Darak first, but he had little in the way of information for them, being devoutly loyal to Gareth. They tried speaking to Gareth at his home but were rebuffed by his forceful housekeeper. Not to be denied, they attended the beginnings of dinner at the Wounded Sparrow as a group while having Constancesneak into his home. While in his home Constance heard what seemed to be Gareth crying quietly to himself. Not wanting to intrude, Constance removed himself from the home and made his way back to the tavern.

Once the guests of honor had arrived, Taliana began the ceremonial dinner, addressing the guests of honor. The dinner featured a number of delicious local dishes and was well enjoyed by the guests of honor. After dinner the guests had an opportunity to mingle and the Elven gift to the town, a beautifully crafted dagger was shown to all before being resecured by the head of the Elven guards, Seriand Gemstar

After the dinner the adventurers retired for the evening, being invited to join Gareth for a breakfast with the elven dignitaries. Over breakfast it was discovered that the dagger had dissapeared and accusations were hurled about. Having already alienated Seriand the night before, the heroes were the target of the accusations, which resulted in the elven emmisaries



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