The Kingdom of Marlan is a mid-size kingdom on the continent of Lysenth. The kingdom is ruled by King Aeddan Tyranis, a relatively young human whose family has been in power for many generations. Aeddan rules from the capital city of Talindor found in the relative center of the kingdom and founded alongside the Valenias, a large ocean. King Aeddan rules over all of the human dominant communities within his kingdom though the older Dwarven and Elven communities within his kingdom are exempt from his rule, or rather do not respect his monarchy.

For those communities that do swear recognize the imperial rule of Marlan they enjoy the protection of the Crimson Chimeras, the standing army of the kingdom. The Chimeras are made of of three divisions. The Lions are the foot soldiers and knights, the bulk of the forces. The Goats are scouts and spies and the Dragons make up the arcane arm of the forces.

Talindor is the home of the kingdoms treasury and where the collected taxes are sent. Imperial tax collectors are sent to every community monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on the size of the community. Each individual community is left to establish their own governmental system and is left to their own devices provided they abide by the tax requirements of the kingdom. Those communities that fail to comply to the imperial laws are dealt with by the Chimeras

Our campaign is set initially in the small town of Drary which is on the southern end of the kingdom. Drary was founded hundreds of years ago along the bank of the Sapphire River.

Directly south of Drary is the Sitheris Desert, home to nomadic tribes of Lizardfolk traders who make their living by scavenging the abandoned ruins within and trading with the humans and other races in the area. The Sitheris is also home to savage tribes of Ogres who jealously guard the few oasis locations in the desert and are in a constant war with the Lizardfolk.

To the east of the farmlands surrounding Drary is the Silverleaf Forest, home to to the Silverleaf Elves and their small city of Sunstar. The elves are reclusive and protective of their forest home. Within the forest are small tribes of Kobolds who war with the Elves for the limited resources, and with each other for prime homes within the subterranean caverns beneath the forest. The Kobolds are Xenophobic and agoraphobic and rarely leave their forest home. The elves have enough to deal with with the kobolds, so while they disapprove of the humans harvesting their forest, they rarely do much beyond occasional skirmishes with the small lumbering camps. The elves occasionally view the humans as a necessary evil and will trade temporary logging rights in exchange for metals, grains and other products that they lack.

Kingdom of Marlan

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